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Grimm reviews and accomplishments!

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Jan 7, 2011:

Super Mario Bros. By Way Of Edward Gorey, On An iPhone

Also achieved the “iGame of the day”!

“Grimm is a new iPhone game that has me wondering why I’ve never played a video game rendered in the aesthetic of the great, spooky aesthetic of legendary illustrator Edward Gorey before. Thank goodness I finally did, for one dollar.” Stephen Totilo, Kotaku

Jan 5, 2011:

‘Grimm’ Review – A Stylish, Tilt Controlled Platforming Game

“Grimm [99¢] is an interesting little platformer from developer Robox Studios that popped up in the App Store yesterday. You play as a perambulator (a baby carriage, for the non-British amongst us) that has carelessly been left behind at a train station by a couple of snobbish-looking parents.” Jared Nelson, TouchArcade

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Grimm: Ride of Perambulator

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Incredible game developed for Robox Studios is in the App Store!!!

Check it out on the App Store and visit the great Official Site for trailers and other goodies!




Game concept, art and design were provided by Robox Studios, while the lovely and committed gentlemen at Hecticus Software were brought on for development duties.

Robox Studios

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iPixel (prototype)

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Incredible game soon to be released, we’re in the process of redesigning it…

We sent the prototype to the Mobile Independent Games Festival 2009 and it  received a Honorable Mention in the Technical Achievement category!

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coming soon to the app store

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Still in development… great iPhone game!!!
To be released in October 2009…

3D casual game using great pixel art images.


Space Invaders

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Space Invaders

Ported for NetPeople.

Classic arcade game developed by Taito.


Ciclo de charlas de Videojuegos

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Juan Carlos Ramirez one of our directors, gave a speech about “Mobile games development” at a small conference in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Renault Clio

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Developed for Mobext.
(1Q – 2009)



American Express Centurion

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Developed for Oglivy & Mather Worldwide.
(1Q – 2009)



Nokia DJ

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Developed for Nokia and Corporación Digitel.
(4Q – 2008)


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Developed for the Android Developers Contest.
(1Q – 2008)


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